Five Data Scientist Traits You Already Have

Becoming a true data scientist does involve hours of work. Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the “right” degree and that the field would eat you alive. But don’t be afraid! The truth is, you likely do have what it takes. Many of the things you are interested in could have unwittingly prepared you to become a data scientist. Don’t hesitate to move into the incredibly rewarding field of data science.

1. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Try New Things

Oftentimes, our minds play tricks on us. Sometimes we get scared of the outcome of a new activity. But the truth is you have no reason to be afraid. After all, at one time everything you ever tried felt new. Everything from trying a new food to skydiving out of a plane has the potential of scaring you at a certain point in your life. You never know what the future will hold for those bold enough to try.

Sure, these activities made you nervous at first, but the nervousness was replaced with overwhelming joy once you discovered you found something you loved. Nothing can replace that true feeling of fulfillment. Likewise, the initial fear of learning statistical languages and other aspects of data science has the potential to be replaced with the fulfillment of accomplishing a difficult feat. You are not the type of person who gets scared of new things. No, you are the one left smiling. Smiling at the thought that you were ever afraid in the first place. Smiling that you already had the bravery that made you the perfect data scientist.

2. Becoming A Data Scientist: Graphs & Stats Are Everywhere

Do you love puzzles? Great news! Data science involves the natural use of your skills with puzzles. You use problem-solving to become more familiar with statistics, graphs, and charts. People who love words over numbers may feel a little left out. Data only deals in numbers, right?

Not so! Everyone comes across statistics every day. Even you. Whether you think yourself a math genius or not, you can find stats and graphs everywhere. You just may not realize it. If you follow the stock market or even your favorite sports team, you are already well versed in statistics. You may use comparison graphs when looking at  which stores to buy your favorite book. You may not have thought about it, but if you thought that statistics were only for nerds, you may find yourself quite the nerd as well. As well as the perfect data scientist.

3. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Already Decipher Languages

You may remember learning to read, as a child. First, you started out learning about each letter’s sound, as you learned small uncomplicated words. You eventually worked your way to more intricate sentence structures. In the same way, when you first begin to learn data science, you start out learning statistical programming languages like R and Python and eventually move on to more complicated aspects. This same holds true for learning the language of music. First you learn the notes and eventually you learn to play songs. Whether it be learning a new spoken or programming language, go at your own pace and what feels comfortable.

Much like with words, programming languages allow you to use your creativity. It only gets better when you learn additional coding languages, such as JavaScript. Knowledge is power, and the fact that you already know at least one language, means that you can learn another. The only limit includes your imagination.

4. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Are A Problem Solver

Would you describe yourself as a leader? Do you have the mindset to get the tough things done? If you are the type of person who packs for a trip with every possible contingency in mind, perhaps a career in data science truly is for you. You are a leader and a problem solver! If you are the best person to rely on when a problem arises, you truly do think like a data scientist.

Sometimes, you may not understand a data science concept right away. Sometimes your code will make no sense. But because you have the fortitude and confidence of a data scientist, you can figure it out. This is what you trained for, after all.

5. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Keep Going When Things Are Difficult

As the problem solver, when you come across an obstacle, you always stick with the situation until it gets resolved. The role of a leader absolutely requires it. Sometimes you can’t understand everything right away. Sometimes you need to figure out a concept for an hour. Or two hours. Many hours sometimes. Not only do you have the endurance, but you have the patience to solve the problem if it takes longer than expected.

Not giving up when trouble brews demonstrates that you will make a terrific data scientist. Everyone has rough days, but having the courage to continue after initial failure makes you a true data scientist.


You can see it now, can’t you? Your natural talents can lead you into a wonderful fulfilling career. Why put it off any longer? Consider all your tenacity, intelligence, love of statistics and learning, and strength, that all exist within you. Use this knowledge to become a data scientist. You have had what it takes to enter the data science field all along. Follow your passion today!


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