About Travis Thompson

After working as a Software Engineer for over six years, Travis began teaching full-time at UC San Diego Extension in 2017 to help students transition more smoothly into the world of development.

Always curious about technology, Travis taught himself web development at the age of 13 and produced websites and applications as a fun hobby to test his skills. As he got older, he knew he wanted to focus on technology and his other passion—music. He attended UCSD and earned his Bachelor’s in ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts). Since graduating, he’s been able to work in both the tech and music industries.

In 2016, Travis began working with Flint Music (https://www.flint.cool). A cross-platform application that allows musicians across the world to connect with each other. He serves as the Lead Software Engineer on the team.

Fun Facts:

  • He used to be in a few bands that toured across North America and Mexico
  • He enjoys running, hiking, and biking around San Diego
  • He really likes popcorn and will find any excuse to eat it